Cyran Skies

20 Olarune 994 YK

The Last Stand of the Cyran Army

In the final years of the Last War, the PCs served in the Cyran Army as part of a special forces unit, the Sons of Cyre. The unit consisted of a pair of friends from Metrol (the dwarf Ruggin and eladrin Norn), a Dragonmarked half elf who turned his back on House Lyrandar to serve his nation, a wizard with an uncertain background and a warforged ranger with a blank slate personality. The unofficial “sixth” member of the Sons of Cyre was the dwarf Garrick, a supply clerk (read: scavenger) who kept the Sons supplied with minor magic and alchemical items for their missions.

On the 20th of Olarune, 994 YK, the Sons were stationed with the Western Cyran Army, along the Saerun Road. The previous day had seen vicious fighting with the Thrane and Brelish armies and the Sons arrived as part of the reinforcements sent to supplement the Cyran defenders. The commanding officer told the Sons that a minor noble in the Northern Army, Lord Mayor Bren ir’Gadden, had been taken by unknown forces while on a patrol. While the Western Army had a more pressing and immediate concern, in the form of the Brelish and Thrane armies, it was key for ir’Gadden to be rescued, lest he reveal the details of the Northern Army to the enemy under torture. As such, the Sons were told that scouts had notice movement at a nearby tower and they were ordered to investigate, while other special forces were sent to other locations where the Lord Mayor might be held. On their way out of camp, the Sons ran into Garrick, who leaving camp to scavenge the previous day’s battlefield. He gave the party a brace of Alchemist’s Acid that had he had “acquired” previously.

After sneaking past the Brelish and Thrane patrols, the Sons approached the ruined tower, with Kettle and Norn taking point. Inside the tower, the Sons were shocked to find a group of soldiers from the insidious Order of the Emerald Claw, holding the Lord Mayor and his servant in manacles. After defeating the soldiers and their zombie minions, the Sons freed Lord Mayor Bren ir’Gadden and his dwarven assistant, Aric Blacktree. In an exercise of poor judgment, Norn attempted to pick the Lord Mayor’s pocket while releasing him from his manacles. Unfortunately, the Lord Mayor noticed Norn’s busy hands, leading to a minor confrontation between the two men. The other Sons freed Blacktree from his bonds, but the dwarf was near comatose after lying on a large Mark of the Draconic Prophecy that traced across a ten by ten area on the ground. Following the scuffle with the Lord Mayor, Norn decided to try his luck robbing the groggy Blacktree and stepped onto the Mark. Norn’s mind was bombarded with images of fire, death and destruction and when he regained his senses, he had a single verse of the Draconic Prophecy burning in his mind:

Five at the brink of the desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.

Unfortunately, the Sons had very little time to recover, for Kettle called out a warning that horses were approaching the tower. Scrambling outside, the Sons found a large wagon racing towards the tower, full of other members of the Order of the Emerald Claw and their zombie troops. As the Emerald Claw troops spilled out of the wagon, Saremar leapt to the forefront of battle and incinerated the enemy soldiers with his sorcery. Ruggin, Norn and Rurik followed this up with devastating melee attacks that cut a swatch through their enemies.

As the Sons cut down the Karrn troops, the Eastern skies filled with fire, lighting and terrible dead fog. Peals of thunder drowned out the clash of steel and a horrible, dry wind blasted the Sons as they felled the Necromancer who led the Karrn unit. As the last of their enemies lay dying at their feet, a deathly silence fell over the hillside around the ruined tower. The Sons could not see the road below them, for it was not cloaked in a dead-gray mist. The hazy wall stretched as far as the Sons could see, to both the North and South. At that moment, the Sons realized that something terrible had happened…




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