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  • Lord Mayor Bren ir'Gedden

    Lord Mayor ir'Gedden was a landed noble from a small town in northern Cyre. During the war, he was given a commission in the Northern Cyran Army. On the Day of Mourning, his unit was attached to the Western Army, helping to repel the Brelish and Thrane …

  • Tyrala

    Tyrala is obsessed with the survival of Cyre and will use any means necessary to achieve that goal, however questionable they may be. Tyrala's requests of adventurers and mercenaries are often morally ambiguous. Tyrala firmly believes that one of the …

  • Lord Jairan ir'Dain

    Jairan was the Cyran ambassador to Sharn at the time of the Day of Mourning. Jairan still plays the role of the proud noble, attending social functions in his fine clothes, but he lost his fortune on the Day of Mourning and his glamerweave doublets are …

  • Ivar ir'Omik

    Ivar is Karnnathi noble who makes his home in the Karnn community found in the Graywall district of Middle Tavick's Landing in Sharn.

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